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7 Reasons to Experience at Sapaiya

Professionally-trained Therapists.
Hygienic, Clean, Spacious Environment
Friendly Staff with Thai Hospitality
Calm and Relax Atmosphere
Variety of Spa & Clinic Packages
High Quality, ORGANIC & Natural Materials
Mostly 5-start Reviews from TripAdvisor, Google Map, DianPing, Facebook

Premium Spa

Sapaiya is the only premium spa in Pai and Mae Hong Son. With a peaceful, clean and comfortable atmosphere combine with our Thai-style friendly service, You will experience truly relax for your mind and body. Our special 4-element aromatherapy oil massage give you re-balance and recharge with mild scent. More over we will have Thai traditional massage, foot massage, Swedish massage, herbal wrapped, foot detox, steam room with Thai fresh herbs.

Traditional Thai Medicine

Traditional Thai medicine (TTM) has a long root story that came from Buddhist & India medical. This is the most valuable heritages handed down form our Thai ancestors. TTM is widely use in taking care of Thai people. The Thai herbal medicines are very effective to restore and promote health. We also combine TTM knowledge
into many of our spa treatments.


 Our Products

We have selected herbal and natural products from our experience using for a long time. Sapaiya products range from balms or essential oils for relieving the muscle pain to natural or organic cotton clothes.

Sapaiya Aroma Oil

To refresh your mood and relieve carsick, dizzy and itchy.
Ingredient: Mint, Lavender, Bergamot, Lemongrass.

Sapaiya Balm (s)

Sapaiya Balm is formulated with ancient Thai medicine knowledge which consists of many kinds of Thai herbals with relaxing aromatic scent. Relieve muscles ache or pain, promote blood circulation.

Usage: Apply Sapaiya Balm on the affected area as needed and rub gently 2-3 times daily.

功效 :治疗腰、膝、髋等部位扭伤。肌肉疼痛和关节疼痛。减轻痛、活血化瘀、止痒、消毒。
用法:涂在酸痛处。一天 2-3 次。

Sapaiya Aroma Balm 办公室综合征香薰

This is our special formulated Office Syndrome Balm which soothing muscles tightness and pain. Aromatic from essential oil will give you relaxing and reduce a headache and stress. Just apply a small bit of Office Syndrome Balm and gently massage to the areas as needed.


Sapaiya Oil Relax

Relax Essential oil: Bergamot, Ginger, Lemon Grass
Symptoms: Stress Relief
放松 - 味道 :生姜 香芋 香柠檬
症状 :放松肌肉 消除紧张

Sapaiya Oil Fire Element

Fire Feb-Apr Essential oil: Rosemary
Symptoms: fever, hot mouth, low blood pressure
火 - 味道 : 迷迭香 生日 :二月、三月、四月
症状 : 常有口腔溃疡 发烧温度异常 低血压

Sapaiya Oil Air Element

Air May-Jul Essential oil: Bergamot
Symptoms: constipation, flatulence
风 - 味道 :香柠檬 生日 : 五月、六月、七月
症状 :常有消化不好 腹胀

Sapaiya Oil Earth Element

Earth Nov-Jan Essential oil: Patchouli
Symptoms: muscles or joints pain
土 - 味道 : 广藿香 生日 :十一月、十二月、一月
症状 :常有肌肉和关节的症状

Strawberry Body Lotion

Strawberry Body Lotion

Tonic Balsam 滋补香指

Treatments for fainting, dizziness, cardiac or mind tonic. For people who feel depressed or stress, Elderly persons who feel lonely or depressed. This balsam help to stimulate the mind fresh, relax and promote well sleep.

治疗昏厥,头晕,保养心脏或精神调节。 对于感到郁闷或感到紧张的人。感到孤独或者郁闷的老年人。该药膏有助于缓解压力、促进轻松和良好的睡眠。

Sapaiya Oil Water Element

Water Aug-Oct Essential oil: Geranium
Symptoms: allergies, air sickness or easily sick
水 - 味道 :天竺葵 生日 八月、九月、十月
症状 : 常有过敏症 容易得病

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Amazing Space

Give Your Body The Very Best You Can
At Our New Relax Spa Center

Amazing massage & spa experience. The staff are so welcoming and kind too! I highly recommend this spa in Pai and definitely will come back any time I visit again . Xo Love from Canada!

Scheduled a couples hydromassage package and everything was flawless starting from the moment we approached the door and were met with smiling faces. Package included shuttle from hotel. Nothing was rushed. Was presented with options to choose for body scrub and aromatherapy oil.

Top service with detailed explanation about each massage style and questionnaire to understand where you would like to emphasize and how much strength to put on you during massage. Highly recommended! Would surely visit again whenever go to Pai.

Wer eine Top Massage sucht sauber und Modern der ist hier genau richtig ! Man zahlt zwar etwas mehr wird aber dafür in einem Top Ambiente behandelt von erfahrenen Masseuren die ihre arbeit genau kennen und erlernt haben. Ich kann diese Einrichtung wärmstens empfehlen.

真的超赞的一家 spa 店! 做了磨砂+精油按摩,技师手法很专业,穴位很准... 一扫旅游的疲惫,比之前在清迈做的药草按摩更舒服,更专业,非常满意~

Just finished a couples hydromassage, everything was excellet!! Free shuttle from your hotel as well as a ride back. We were immediately greeted with a smiling face and hot tea! It was delicious… Will come back again!!! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a higher end spa experience in Pai. Thank you Sapaiya staff

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Beyond Relaxation
Sapaiya Spa and Clinic
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