SAPAIYA Massage | 飒拜垭 按摩

Massage 按摩 + Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage 泰国草药热敷按摩

  60 Mins  | 1,450 > 1,300 Baht Herbal Ball Hot Compress Massage offers a wide range of health benefits. It reduces stress, relieves muscle pain, and improves blood circulation. It offers deep relaxation, boosts emotional wellbeing, and aids the overall healing process of the body as well. To deliver the best result, our Sapaiya staff carefully selected […]

SAPAIYA Beauty Treatments | 飒拜垭 美容护理

Body Mask | 体膜

60 Mins  | 1,150 > 950 Baht   Sapaiya Body Mask is designed to improve overall skin health and appearance. It helps getting rid of the excess fluid and toxin accumulation underneath your skin. It also helps contouring your body, boosting lymphatic and metabolic function, improving skin complexion, softening and tightening skin, and promoting temporary inches loss. At […]

SAPAIYA Hydro Treatments | 飒拜垭水疗

Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) | 泰医治疗

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