Thai Herbal and Salt Foot Detox 泰国草药与海盐解毒泡脚

30 Mins  | 550THB


A human body has 2 - 4 millions of sweat glands located all over the body, except nails, ears, and lips. The most concentrated area of sweat glands is at the soles of your feet. Sweating is an important toxin elimination process of the human body. To help your body detoxify toxic substances, you will need to open the pores up and also use the herbals and salt that have detoxifying property. At Sapaiya, we carefully formulate and choose Thai herbs and high-quality sea salt that help to detoxify the heavy metals and negative ions out of your body through the soles of your feet.

To start with, your therapist will wash your feet and take you to sit and soak your feet in the slightly hot herbal concoction for 30 minutes. If this happens to be your first time to try foot detoxification, you might feel slightly uncomfortable with the herbals concoction. The high temperature of the concoction helps open up your sweat glands underneath your feet. It would make toxins easily come out off your body through sweating glands via Kidney Meridian Channel. You also should feel sweat as your warm blood circulation from feet. After the treatment, your therapist would dry your feet with a soft and clean towel and serve you with a freshly prepared seasonal fruit and a cup of organic herbal tea.