Thai Fresh-Herbal Steam 泰国草药熏蒸

30 Mins  | 650THB


You might have heard that steam room offers many health benefits. For example, it could improve blood circulation, increase flexibility, minimize joint and muscle pain and remove toxins from the body.

At Sapaiya, we add high-quality medicinal herbs to the steam unit that would add extra health benefits for you. The herbal steam could promote quick and healthy recovery from muscle pain and soreness. It also could reduce stress and headache by helping the body to release endorphin and “good feeling” chemicals. Plus, Sapaiya herbal steam could stop sinuses blockage, aid better breathing, and promote oxygen transportation throughout the body. The steam rooms are used digitally temperature control to ensure the temperature of the room is suitable for the customers.

Sapaiya herbal steam is not recommended to the pregnant woman, those who have a high fever, uncontrollable hypertension, or cardiovascular disease. Please get a consult before using the steam unit.

After you have a health assessment, our staff would prepare “sarong and towel” for you to change. You should take a shower for cleansing your body and drink a bottle of water before entering the steam unit. In order to use the herbal steam unit safely, you are highly recommended to follow the direction below:

1. Drink a bottle of water before entering the steam unit.
2. Sit comfortably in the steam unit for 5-10 minutes.
3. Come out to cool down for 5 minutes and drink at least a glass of water.
4. Go back in the herbal steam unit and stay for another 5-10 minutes.
5. Repeat step 2 and 4 respectively. As Thai medicine, we suggest the total duration in the steam room, not more than 30 mins.
6. Cool off your body before taking a shower and change your clothes back.

If you experience any discomfort including a headache, dizziness, or cannot breathe well, please inform our staff immediately.