Swedish Massage | 瑞典按摩


60 Mins  | 1,350 > 1,200 Baht

The Swedish massage is designed to solve your problem with overly used body muscle. It has been designed to stimulate your blood circulation, to release tight and stiff muscle, to restore the range of motion, and to reduce pain in the affected area. This massage is the great fit for the beginner who never experiences Thai Traditional Massage. At the beginning of a session, the therapist would gradually work with your muscle by performing various massage stokes on your well-lubricated skin. To deliver the great therapeutic benefit, the therapist would work with well-stimulated muscles to release tension and gently breaks up the “knots” in your muscle. Those knots, if left untreated, could cause you pain and discomfort. This Swedish massage would let you experience the great relief from muscle and joint pain you have over time.