"Sawasdee" is greeting word for Thai people. This package is perfect for you who want to explore Thai ancient massage. You may choose Foot or Thai massage as the basic treatment plus aromatherapy oil or herbal ball hot compress massage. This is the best combination of Thai and Western technique.

Option A (Standard)

  • Foot OR Thai Massage
  • Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage
  • 脚底按摩 或 泰式按摩
  • 香薰热精油按摩

2 Hour  | 1,550THB

Option B (Advance)

  • Head Back Shoulder Massage
  • Herbal Hot Compress Massage OR Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage
  • 头、颈、背部按摩
  • 泰草药热敷按摩 或 香薰热精油按摩

2 Hour | 1,850THB