This ultimate full body treatment begins with the body scrub (your choice of herbal scrub) to boost the radiance of your skin, follows by our signature aromatherapy hot oil massage to revive the balance of your body. The treatment finishes off with a gentle, yet powerful facial treatment using our renowned natural products.

Guasha is ancient Chinese healing technique and used for natural face lift propose. Our practictioner would use a sanitized cold jade plate gently scraping across your face following muscle lines to create the natural facelift effect which is the beauty secret of women of the East for centuries. This specific treatment is aimed to stimulate the lymphatic circulation and promote collagen production. Lastly, you would be face masked with Sapaiya Organic Honey Mask with Gold leaf that would nourish your skin deeply and it would make your skin glow radiantly. After being pampered with Queen of Sapaiya Treatment, you would feel beautifully gorgeous as a Queen of The East.

This is one of our most popular packages which offer you a complete head-to-toe treatment.

这种完整的身体去角质换肤始于身体磨砂。 (选择草药擦洗你的皮肤),为你的皮肤增添光彩,按照我们的芳香薰热精油按摩来恢复身体的平衡,治疗采用温和的面部护理,我们有有名的天然产品。

刮痧是中国古老的疗法技术,可用于天然面部提升。 我们的按摩技师将使用经过消毒的冷玉板轻轻地刮过肌肉线,以达到面部的自然提升效果,这是许多世纪以来东方女性的美丽秘决。该治疗方法的目的是激起淋巴流通并促进胶原蛋白的生产。 最后,按摩技师会把飒拜垭的有机蜂蜜面膜以及金箔精华均匀的涂抹在您的面部。可以深层滋养你的皮肤,它会使你的皮肤具有光泽,提亮肤色。 在享受完女王级一般的美容疗法之后,您将感觉到仿佛成为了最美丽的东方女王!


3 Hour  | 3,500 Baht