SAPAIYA Fairy Secret | 飒拜垭仙女的秘密

45 Mins  | 1,750THB

Fairy Secret is an applied ancient therapy that aims to heal laceration and stimulate uterine contraction to get rid of lochia for postpartum woman. It also helps to reduce the foul odor and vaginal discharge. It could shrink hemorrhoids in those who have it from chronic constipation or after delivery/pregnancy. This treatment would increase blood circulation in the pelvic floor to promote the natural healing mechanism of the body and help to tighten and firm the vaginal muscle.

The moxa (medicinal herbal incense) has been specially formulated using more than 30 kinds of medicinal herbs. The moxa would be placed over pieces of burning charcoal to create herbals smoke.

Caution: This treatment is not suitable for a woman who is having a menstrual period, high fever or pregnant. It is also not recommended for anyone who has a skin disease or infectious disease, please get a consult before starting the treatment.

After consultation, you would receive a sarong from your therapist to change. Your therapist would let you drink a bottle of water and sit on top of the Moxa Box. You would be wrapped with another piece of clothes to start 30 minutes of treatment.

1. Sit straight and align your perineal with the big opening on the top side of the Moxa Box.
2. Take a deep breath in, hold your pelvic muscle for 10 seconds, then breath out and relax the muscle. Repeat this step for the whole treatment.
3. When you feel that it’s too hot for you to handle, you can adjust your position a bit before return to the starting position.
4. When you feel itchy or have a burning sensation, please inform staff immediately.

Post-treatment Direction:
1. Do not take shower at least 2 hours after the treatment.
2. Do not have sexual intercourse at least 2 days after the treatment.