QUEEN OF SAPAIYA (Facial Treatment) | 飒拜垭皇后

Queen of Sapaiya - The Secret of Oriental Beauty.

Queen of Sapaiya is the combination of treatments that specially designed with the knowledge of traditional medicine to create firmer skin and brighter complexion. This treatment consists of three treatments altogether which are Face Scrub/Massage, Guasha and Organic Honey Mask with Gold leaf.

Guasha is ancient Chinese healing technique and used for natural face lift propose. Our practictioner would use a sanitized cold jade plate gently scraping across your face following muscle lines to create the natural facelift effect which is the beauty secret of women of the East for centuries. This specific treatment is aimed to stimulate the lymphatic circulation and promote collagen production. Lastly, you would be face masked with Sapaiya Organic Honey Mask with Gold leaf that would nourish your skin deeply and it would make your skin glow radiantly. After being pampered with Queen of Sapaiya Treatment, you would feel beautifully gorgeous as a Queen of The East.

Option A

  • Face Cleansing
  • Face Scrub & Massage
  • Organic Honey with Gold Facial Treatment
  • 面部清洁
  • 面部磨砂&按摩
  • 有机蜂蜜与黄金面膜
  • 面部黄金护理

1.0 Hrs  | 1,350THB

Option B

  • Guasha
  • Organic Honey with Gold
  • Facial Treatment
  • 刮痧
  • 有机蜂蜜与黄金面膜
  • 面部黄金护理

Single 1.0 Hr  | 1,700THB

Couple 1.0 Hr  | 1,500THB (EACH)