Organic-Honey Wrap (After Sun) | 有机蜂蜜裹敷 (晒后)


60 Mins  | 1,250 > 950 Baht

After enjoying the outdoor activities, without having the proper UV protection, could cause many skin problems. The Ultra Violet (UV) radiation could cause sunburns, wrinkles, low immunity against infections, premature aging, and even skin cancer. The best method to reduce the risk of getting those skin problems is Sapaiya After Sun Treatment.

At Sapaiya, we use dehydrated ORGANIC honey for Sapaiya After Sun Treatment. Organic Honey is known for having the antibacterial property and many skin-saving antioxidants It’s great for slowing down the aging process, replenishing moisture to your skin, and making it glow. Organic Honey also helps to unclog your pores and smooth your the wrinkles. If you are the person who enjoys the outdoor activities, this treatment would sooth your skin, make you feel refreshed, and ready to enjoy your outdoor activity again.

To begin with Sapaiya After Sun Treatment, your therapist would apply Organic Honey on your skin and wrap you with cling film for 10 minutes to accelerate the skin absorption. After that, you would take a shower and apply the Sapaiya body lotion and be ready to go for the rest of the day.