KING OF SAPAIYA (Office Syndrome) | 飒拜垭之王

Single 2.5 Hrs  | 2,990 > 2,400 Baht

Couple (EACH) 2.5 Hrs  | 2,990 > 2,100 Baht

A Remedy for Office Syndrome

Office syndrome can lead to chronic disorder and give a negative effect to decision making and emotional imbalance. King of Sapaiya offers to treat your office syndrome with a blend of traditional Thai treatments. You have an option of Thai Herbal and Salt Foot Detox or Thai Herbal Steam to relax your tight muscles and promote blood circualtion throughout the body, followed by Head, Back and Shoulder session by our well-trained therapist to relieve your over-work muscles. Finally, the herbal hot compress will be applied to the body in gentle pressing, circular and rolling movements to relieve pain and inflammation of the muscles.