Head Back Shoulder Massage | 头部, 颈部, 背部按摩

60 Mins  | 990 > 590 Baht

After spending long hours to carry your heavy backpack, steering the wheels in the traffic around the city, riding the motorbike go up and down hills, hunching your upper back and shoulders over a computer, or just simply sitting with a bad posture regularly could cause you stiff shoulder and neck. The stiff muscle could block your blood flow, make your fingers numb, cause really bad headache, loss of hearing, migraine, and cervical herniated disc symptoms.

When you have any of the symptoms described, the Head Back Shoulder Massage is the right answer for you. This Head Back Shoulder Massage would help releasing stiffness of the affected muscles, increasing blood flow into that area, reducing the risk of developing cervical herniated disc, and preventing migraine. After finishing the 60 minute session of massage, you would feel fully relaxed and be ready to enjoy your painless life again.