After SRP

Simple Guideline to Self-care After Liver Cleanse 1. Keep doing water enema once daily for another 3 days in the morning 5:00 AM. and not later than 7:00 AM. 2. If you experience irritation, infection, headaches, abdominal discomfort, thyroid problems, etc., you can add the extra water enema during the day for those 3 days […]

Preparing for SRP

Preparing for SRP Just a few notes that may be useful for your coming stay at Pai. You can check out the weather conditions in Pai HERE. Other than the usual personal change of clothes, there are few items that may be useful for some of the activities. Comfortable loose clothing for morning exercise and […]

SRP High Light

SRP High Light Digestive Cleansing & Liver Flush Informative and Enjoyable Rejuvenation Program Conduct in English and/or Chinese language Experience Relax & Slow Life Pace 5 Spa selected Treatments included* Everyday Doctor Consult and Customize Advice Personally Best Hot Spring Dipping without Sulfur smell (34-40c) Surround with Natural & Life Energy Outing around Pai i.e. […]


This package is based on our signature 4-element oils which will be finished the process. We carefully selected our 4-element oils not only relax muscle tension but also reduce emotional stress too. Your option to start the treatment with a body scrub or herbal ball hot compress. The body scrub will exfoliate your skin, removing […]


Spa package offers a 3-hour of complete relaxation. Starting by a choice of traditional foot massage or traditional Thai massage to warm up your body. Followed by Herbal Ball Hot Compress to relieve your tighten muscles with the ancient formula of Thai herbs. Finish with our Signature Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage for deep relaxation and […]

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