Body Mask | 体膜

60 Mins  | 1,150THB   Sapaiya Body Mask is designed to improve overall skin health and appearance. It helps getting rid of the excess fluid and toxin accumulation underneath your skin. It also helps contouring your body, boosting lymphatic and metabolic function, improving skin complexion, softening and tightening skin, and promoting temporary inches loss. At Sapaiya, we […]

Body Scrub | 身体去角质换肤

60 Mins  | 1,250THB It’s time to pamper yourself and reveal the beautiful complexion you have by having Body Scrub Treatment you would love. At Sapaiya, we use only high quality herbal body scrub that is gentle enough to use it as shower cream. The natural beads in the scrub are made from natural ingredients mixed with special […]