Body Scrub | 身体去角质换肤

60 Mins  | 1,250 > 950 Baht

It’s time to pamper yourself and reveal the beautiful complexion you have by having Body Scrub Treatment you would love. At Sapaiya, we use only high quality herbal body scrub that is gentle enough to use it as shower cream. The natural beads in the scrub are made from natural ingredients mixed with special blends of medicinal herb. We have various body scrub for you to choose from i.e. Tamarind & Honey, Clay & Sesame, Plai & Aloe Vera, and etc. Each of them would offer various benefits and it would exfoliate your skin, gets rid of dead skin cell and rubbing away flaky skin. The body scrub would also fight cellulite , improve blood circulation, and leave your skin with soft, smooth, and brighter complexion.