Body Mask | 体膜

60 Mins  | 1,150 > 950 Baht


Sapaiya Body Mask is designed to improve overall skin health and appearance. It helps getting rid of the excess fluid and toxin accumulation underneath your skin. It also helps contouring your body, boosting lymphatic and metabolic function, improving skin complexion, softening and tightening skin, and promoting temporary inches loss.

At Sapaiya, we use special formulated Aloe Vera Gel to rehydrate your skin. Sapaiya Aloe Vera Gel has powerful healing property that acts as the natural moisturizer. It provides loaded of antioxidants that help improve your skin firmness, ward off stretch marks without clogging your pores. It also promotes the skin rejuvenating process which makes your skin glow radiantly.

To begin with Sapaiya Body Mask, you will get to take a fresh shower. Then your therapist would take you to the treatment room. To start wrapping your skin with Sapaiya Aloe Vera Gel, your therapist will gently apply the gel over your skin and gently rub it into your skin. After applying aloe vera gel all over your body, your therapist will apply the cocooning material to cover you up and let your skin benefit the great therapeutic effect of Sapaiya Aloe Vera Gel. You will be cocooned about 10 minutes before your therapist will take it off and let your wash with slightly warm water and close your pores with last cold water splash (you would get to do this step in the shower room). After the treatment, you would experience the hydrated and smooth skin and start to radiant our beauty out through your complexion.