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After SRP

Simple Guideline to Self-care After Liver Cleanse 1. Keep doing water enema once daily for another 3 days in the morning 5:00 AM. and not later than 7:00 AM. 2. If you experience irritation, infection, headaches, abdominal discomfort, thyroid problems, etc., you can add the extra water enema during the day for those 3 days […]

SRP High Light

SRP High Light Digestive Cleansing & Liver Flush Informative and Enjoyable Rejuvenation Program Conduct in English and/or Chinese language Experience Relax & Slow Life Pace 5 Spa selected Treatments included* Everyday Doctor Consult and Customize Advice Personally Best Hot Spring Dipping without Sulfur smell (34-40c) Surround with Natural & Life Energy Outing around Pai i.e. […]

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