Jacuzzi Bath (VIP Room) 极可意浴

30 Mins  | 950THB Jacuzzi is a hydromassage system that used to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and improve blood circulation by gently massage your muscle and joints all over your body. This hydromassage system is designed to stimulate your muscles, sooth your muscle soreness, and to reduce the pain in your joints and nearby area. The Jacuzzi bath […]

Thai Fresh-Herbal Steam 泰国草药熏蒸

30 Mins  | 650THB   You might have heard that steam room offers many health benefits. For example, it could improve blood circulation, increase flexibility, minimize joint and muscle pain and remove toxins from the body. At Sapaiya, we add high-quality medicinal herbs to the steam unit that would add extra health benefits for you. The herbal […]

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