Aroma Hot Oil Massage | 香薰热精油按摩


60 Mins  | 1,350 > 1,200 Baht

This is our Signature treatment inspired according to Thai Traditional Medicine, human body basically consists of basic 4 elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire, that play the important role in our health and wellness. The month we were born would determine the dominant element of our body and that element would have a greater effect on how our body function or acclimate itself to the surrounding. When we have too much or too little of any of these elements, our body would fall off its balance that may cause the discomfort or even sickness.

The Sapaiya 4 Element Aromatherapy Oil Massage is the easiest way to help to put those 4 basic elements back into its balance and recommended for anyone who doesn’t have the open wounds or skin infectious disease. You can simply choose the oil based on your birth month, present discomfort, or the oil that makes you feel afresh the most.

The high quality of essential oil cooperate with smooth massage strokes performed by our highly skilled therapist would make you have a wonderful experience in relaxation while restoring your body balance back into its normal function. This is one of the secrets of living a healthy and happy life ever after.

We carefully selected natural essential oils extracted from flowers or herbs instead of the syntectic perfume/fragrance. The essential oils will apply to your skin and inhale to your body. The natural essential oils will all leave within 48hrs.

Fire Rosemary: Feb-Mar-Apr
Symptoms: Fever, Hot Mouth, Low Blood Pressure

Air Bergamot: May-Jun-Jul
Symptoms: Constipation, Flatulence

Water Geranium: Aug-Sep-Oct
Symptoms: Allergies, Air Sickness or Easily Sick

Earth Patchouli: Nov-Dec-Jan
Symtomps: Muscles or Joints Plain

Relax Thai Herb: Special Oil
Symptoms: Emotional Stress

味道 (火): 迷迭香。
生日 :二月、三月、四月。
状态 : 常有口腔溃疡 发烧温度异常 低血压。

味道 (土): 广藿香。
生日 :十一月、十二月、一月。
状态 :常有肌肉和关节的症状。

气味 (水): 天竺葵。
生日 八月、九月、十月。
状态 常有过敏症 容易得病。

味道 (风): 香柠檬。
生日 : 五月、六月、七月。
状态 :常有消化不好 腹胀。