After SRP

Simple Guideline to Self-care After Liver Cleanse

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are good source for fiber

1. Keep doing water enema once daily for another 3 days in the morning 5:00 AM. and not later than 7:00 AM.

2. If you experience irritation, infection, headaches, abdominal discomfort, thyroid problems, etc., you can add the extra water enema during the day for those 3 days period.

3. You should increase your fiber intake to help getting rid of the toxin from your colon. We recommend drinking superfiber before bedtime for 7 days.

4. Please make sure that you would drink enough water – preferably warm or room temperature water. You may add a little bit of alkaline water in your drinking water. The alkaline would help to readjust the pH balance, but try to not over consume it.

5. You should have soft and easily digested food. Try to avoid having meat and meat products and also oily food. You could have fish as the source of protein. You should increase fruit and vegetable intake on daily basis.

6. You should go to bed no later than 10 P.M. The process of recovery might take up to 2 weeks. After you are fully recovered, you can start to exercise again to maintain your good health.

7. You can repeat the liver cleanse with Sapaiya or at home, as often as every 4-6 months, until there are no gallstones in your excretion.