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Sapaiya Holiday Detox

 Pai, a small town set in a valley and famous for its quaint evening night market. It is located on a trunk road #1095, about 150 kms from Chiang Mai, and reputed to be a tortuous 762 turns along this route. For those who have problems with motion sickness, it is advisable to catch a flight from Chiang Mai to Pai, otherwise, the 3-hour drive is an ordeal.

Pai is also renowned for its peace and calm in the surrounding environment and the “sabai sabai” pace of life. Together with the availability of mineral rich hot springs, it provides a perfect setting for a rejuvenating course.

We at Sapaiya Spa and Clinic brings to you such a course to focus on strengthening your digestive system and colon cleansing. Through this detoxifying program, it has been proven to drastically improve the functionality of body organs and leading to the wellbeing of a person.

Our 5-day holiday detox program is designed by combining certain elements from the Traditional Thai and Chinese Medicine. Included in our program are fasting, Thai massage, Thai herbal steam bath, foot detox, acupuncture and herbal ball compress. There may be instances where the treatment may vary for some individuals due to preference or requirements. 

In addition, there are other activities that one may be interested to sign up to as an add-on to the detox program, such as beauty and spa treatment, yoga, tai chi, course on understanding Thai herbs, visit organic or local farm, and meditation, Depending on the availability of these programs, they can be arranged upon request. For the detox program details, please refer to the program schedule.

There are plenty of activities around Pai that can be enjoyed within the confines of the program schedule. Some of the popular activities are

For those who cannot get enough, they are more than welcome to extend their stay.

According to a survey done by Assumption University, based in Bangkok, Mae Hong Son is the happiest province in Thailand. We do hope your stay, and with the benefits of the detox program, you will find happiness to bring home to share with your love ones.